Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Inspiration

Graffiti (Google)

Ruffles by Emma (Google)

Kate Moss for Topshop

I needed more inspiration than ShopBop this summer so, I turned to my one and only amazing sister, Laura Elizabeth. Laura is all about photography. She has quite the eye for picturesque scenes, lighting and detail and uses an SLR camera to capture almost every possible moment. In her spare time, Laura searches online, in magazines and in books for stunning photos, which she then prints or cuts out and pastes in a sketchbook. Laura gave me some of the photos (above) she found online that inspire her, and now, intrigue me.

Loved this Teen Vogue editorial (from a long time ago)! Nika rocks those sporty heels.

Nika wears a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, about $428. Nike Sportswear shorts, about $65. Gucci leather backpack. Mary Kate Steinmiller bracelets, about $60 each. DKNY sneaker pumps, about $205.

Cosmic Wonder dress. Christoph Broich for Cooperative Designs leggings with cutouts, about $280. Form blue leggings, about $195. Lanyard necklace, about $165. Ash sneaker heels, about $209.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hey Shorty

Now that 100 degree weather has hit the states (and the rest of the world), its time to pull out our shorts. I just went through my closet the other day and had the moral support of my mother because as we all know, that is not an easy task. After a mound of "give away clothes" was piled on my bed, I came to realize that I only have two pairs of shorts. There lies a problem here. Looking online at, I was inspired to get a taste of some new summer attire.
See if you need some new summer wear. I certainly need to.
If anyone has a store or online shop that has great tell.

Thanks for checking out The Pearled Penguin.

Will write again soon.