Monday, November 22, 2010


I've been thinking. Thinking about what kind of dress I would be if I were a dress. A while ago, when heading home after a yoga class with my aunt, I said, "let's take Madison Avenue". She proceeded to tell the taxi driver to cross over town and take one of my favorite avenues in the whole city. She would sit on the right and I, on the left (it was the opposite last time) and without talking we would gaze out the window. "Oohs," "ahh's" and "look over here!" filtered the cab. That tradition carried on every tuesday night after yoga, for some time.
As we carried on up the avenue, I would always look for Makola. A womens fashionable, traditional and classy dress boutique. Dresses tended to be cut off at the shoulders, belted at the waist and perfectly "poofed" until they reached the floor. I make it sound awful, but no. The store (to me) seemed to call to older or middle aged woman looking for an Audrey Hepburn styled dress. The dress was needed for a special occasion, (special enough to spend a lot of money) but it would be saved forever and passed on in it's original Makola box. The dresses rang with the words: elegance and poise.

Not one of my favorites, but an example of dresses basic template
Sadly, Makola closed in January of this year, I had hoped to buy one of your magical creations when I was older and had some money. Maybe you will come back.
Not to fear, Prada is here. When flipping through Vogue and looking on, I can not get over Prada's Fall 2010 RTW. I am loving the preppy-ness and the pumps are killer. I like to think I am similar to this line as it puts forward a number of different looks, all with a different story. It also reminds me of Makola because the collection seems to be back in the past but is able to make it work in the twenty-first century.
The models from the runway show look like they are on a mission or as though they are modern librarians revamping the fifties and sixties look. "It's normal clothes," she said backstage before her show. "Classics. Revising the things I did in the nineties," taken from an interview by Sarah Mower. The glasses, the tiny bows, the huge coat collars, hair wraps, the chunky knitted knee high socks top it all off. Each look has it's own detail and emotion, that's what I like about it.

Prada Fall 2010 Ready-to-WearPrada Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Prada Fall 2010 Ready-to-WearPrada Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
What dress are you?


Sunday, November 7, 2010

No prize winner

Hello. Hello. I really have missed this! Even though I did not post religiously a while ago, I am trying and start it up and get this going again.
I hope you all have been well and are reviewing Spring Fashion Week on, putting away all those summer dresses (unless you can pull them off in the winter), taking out furs (faux of course), and just settling in for a new season. I guess you can say I have. Although, I do try to pull of summer things in the winter. Also this year, I organized my wardrobe into sections, and then in each section it goes from summer-wear to winter-wear. It works well. As for furs, I only have 1 faux fur vest from lf (which I love!) and just got a new fall coat, so I am settling in for the season I guess.
Speaking of Spring Fashion Week, (even though I am too late to promote it,) Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes, held an art contest on September 28th on her blog ( "The idea is to pick your favorite runway look from the spring shows, and to render your own interpretation of it in a sketch," she stated. I liked how it wasn't so much a contest, but rather "a way to celebrate fashion designers and share readers artwork".

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
"The daisy-chain maxi dress" by Diane Von Furstenburg

My version

It didn't take me long to pick the look I wanted to portray. I chose Diane Von Furstenberg because I was looking for something vibrant, free and exciting. After looking at Jane's example of Meadham Kirchhoff's look from a London show, the words that rang to me were: eccentric and alive. Immediately, my search became more limited as conservative/modern or funky/vintage, were out of the picture.
Diane Von Furstenburg received a pleasing review for the clothes she put forth on the runway. Nicole Phelps for reports: "This season's nomad searcher is 'looking into antiquity for effortless beauty,' with Egypt and the desert on her horizon, along with a side visit to the Pre-Raphaelites. Saucy tiger-print safari suits and leopard-spot shirtdresses mingled with floral-appliqué chiffon and a daisy-chain maxi dress, while brightly colored macramé hippie frocks mixed with more urbane jersey numbers". All in all, wonderfully done Diane.

Another favorite of mine by D.V.F
Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Sadly, when I was frantically trying to send in my entry, I believe (due to all the madness: sizing, downloading, jpegs, pdfs...) it didn't go through. So, after a whiles work and numerous emailed attempts, my entry is still stuck in my sketch book. However, I decided to share it with you. I hope you like it, though I was rather put down when I saw everyone else's submissions on Flickr. People are just so talented.
Jane posted an album of all the entries on Flickr:

Glad to be back (I hope).


Thursday, April 15, 2010

I need to go shoe shopping

Goodness gracious, I need shoes! Now that spring has arrived and over-the-knee boots are practically out, birkenstocks are last summer, and moccasins seem dull (at least to me,) I turn to flats and sandals as they never go out of style. Easier said than done though. I went to my favorite shoe store this past weekend (both locations) and couldn't find a single pair that suited my fancy. Oh dear. Maybe, I should blame my shopping skills. Honestly, I am not a very good shopper. I feel as though my eyes automatically look past the bargains that should be staring me right in the face and are prone to the most expensive things in the store. It's a problem.
Anyway, back to the point. Ah yes. Shoes! I am thinking flats. I am thinking fun, colorful, practical. I am thinking...


Chloé Capretto leather ballerina flats


Miu Miu Woven metallic-leather sandals


Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal-skull canvas ballerina flats


Mymu Ionian canvas espadrilles


Belle by Sigerson Morrison Charm-embellished suede flats


(Only in my dreams...sigh)
Maison Martin Margiela Digital-print suede boots


See by Chloé Tassel-detail leather moccasins
(All at

Well, even though I picked out a variety and know that I probably won't own any single pair of the above selected, it helps me know what I am looking for. By picking things out online, or cutting things out of a magazine - it helps me find my personal style, and where I am coming from.
Did you realize that a lot of this post is "hypocritical." I said flats and sandals, and there is a pair of boots, and moccasins, plus I almost a pair of bruges (but they count as flats.) I said colorful, and depending on your view, one could say this is a rather colorful collection (but not so much in my head.) I certainly didn't think I would be having any black flats in this post, but there come two pairs I was instantly drawn to. Last but not least, I tried to find wallet friendly flats, but instead came out with a bucket load of various not so friendly priced guys.
Oh well, I simply think that this post has helped me figure out some of my tastes and favorite "flavors." I suggest you do the same when in doubt of what you want or what you are looking for. But have no fear, flats are on their way...once I go shopping that is. I wish I could say, "cant wait to get these (above pairs) in the mail and blog about them!" Sincere apologies.
Hope everyone is enjoying their Spring.

p.s. My computer is acting so strange right now. Do excuse the inconsistency of the format.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Loewe by Stuart Vevers and a bunny

Easter at last! If only it could come faster each year, as it brings all the exciting family traditions. First, we decorate eggs in the morning (that is, after blowing out all the oxygen left in our bodies to get the yolks out), then we do an easter egg hunt in our moderately sized NYC apartment (even though my siblings and I have already spied around for the eggs before hand,) we can get pretty competitive. Finally, we clear the table of all our splattered ink and newly decorated eggs to breakfast on a spread of muffins, bagels, and cereals. Then its off to the parade! Once again, another year goes by and we have not made the lavishly decorated hats we said we would have, in order to blend in with the crowd on 5th avenue, so we grab the various other accessories (scarves, feather, hats...) that will have to substitute.
I wish I could say that we went to brunch every year and got all dressed up, then changed into another elegant attire for a dinner party the same evening, but I think my family and I have covered a fair amount of traditions over the years and plan will continue. Speaking of brunch, I was just flipping through Karlie Kloss's editorial in the April Vogue and nearly melted when I saw her curling her hair in that Loewe by Stuart Vevers "perforated suede-and-cotton-bustier dress." Gosh, I couldn't help but think of all the fun memories I had dressing up for special summer brunches when I was a little girl wearing my newly ironed floral dress and prancing around through buffet tables grabbing anything I saw. Maybe its too fancy, but if I had that dress and a Easter dinner party to look forward to, I would have been counting down the days to wear it. Its stunning, as well as numerous other pieces from the collection...

Loewe Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

This model looks rather scary in the dress so just pull out your April issue of Vogue and let Karlie Kloss set the standard.

Loewe Spring 2010 Ready-to-WearLoewe Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Two other pieces that I liked. I would probably wear these to the parade as they are a little more casual but at the same time perfect for welcoming spring and celebrating Easter. (I love how I am talking like I already own my dreams.)

Have a lovely Easter everyone
and don't eat too much chocolate.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bears in the Spring

Spring at last! Spring at last! Finally, the cold snowy days have been swept over by 70 degree whether and heavy coats have packed away, well at least for this past week. It was litterally the perfect temperature outside the other day (sunny but not too hot with a slight wind, good enough for shorts and jeans) so my mother and I met for a stroll through Central Park.

My sister and I found this green bow when out for a walk some time ago. We love them (even though they can clash with purple backpacks!)

White Un Deux Trois top, Era of Change boyfriend jeans, Theory jacket, Gap Kids Belt

Sadly, I did not have a very good day so that's why not so much enthusiasm is expressed in these photos. Thankfully, I was greatly awakened by the liveliness of the Park and all the people outside.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lengthen Me

I am not quite sure which one is more glamourous: floor length skirts or floor length dresses. Well, when my cousin gave me one of her old floor length gowns she wore to sweet sixteens and other such festivities, I couldn't help but dream about the dress as a skirt instead. The dress was very simple: a strapless, black silk with a wide sash. Though the dress most likely looked gorgeous on my cousin, the dress was not nearly as flattering on me. Therefore, my Aunt and I (major comps to my Aunt for sewing and hemming, etc.) took on the project of transforming the dress into a skirt. Though it was not a very difficult job, considering my limited sewing skills and comprehension with cutting fabrics (I like to stick to pillows) it was a little difficult to see where to start. But anyway, that is not interesting...

Worn with a white tee under (just for fun)

Worn with a black tank-top and a Free People blouse

I think somewhere inside me, I have always been fond of floor-length skirts (not so much dresses) when I see ladies at fancier occasions when it is most suitable, such as operas or evening dinner parties. Though some might automatically think of long skirts being for women either trying to hide the flaws in their legs, or of women with the ultimate body that you can't help but say, "only she can pull that off," I think that teenagers, can look both sweet and mature at the same time, if worn right. Maybe I am wrong though. What do you think? Was this a mistake?

Goodness gracious, when you have a blog, time seems to fly so much faster and slip through your fingers before you can even get a chance to write another post. So sorry for my long absence.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clogs Anyone?

I think clogs have been on everybody's "never will I ever wear this," list (well at least for those who have one.) But after many years of clogs being that shoe that everyone shuns because it is just for practicality, having no glamour and grace, but rather a chunky wooden heel that is not very attractive, it has finally been turned around by numerous designers including Jeffery Campbell, Chanel, Mui Mui, and Vera Wang. Where the once low, slip on wooden shoe (originated by the Dutch) was worn for festivals, or dancing, or merely for everyday wear, these designers have thrown a major heel on these babies and experimented with different patterns, fabrics, furs and even leather. I myself, used to find that clogs were not meant for the younger generation, but rather for older woman that needed something quick to put on to go to the store or for walking short distances, now I find that they have transformed into a younger look with more energy and culture and many other shoes out there. They have their own kind of personality. But then again, these designers have pushed it to the max and not only used studs, or ribbons or extra detailing to accent the shoes, but rather the heal looks rather painful as most of the modernized ones soar to the sky. Therefore, I am not to sure about where to wear them. Work? Too casual. Out to dinner? Maybe the Vera Wangs? Shopping? They might be fun for the first ten minutes. To the store or for a short walk? No, they have more glamour than that. Anyway, thats the one mystery to me.

Jeffery Campbell
These are definitely one of my favorites. They are not too over done, and are not ridiculously expensive. Plus, LF is sporting these for spring!

Vera Wang Lavender
I saw someone wearing these the other day, and fell in love with them. I was about to ask where she got them, but then decided not to cause I am shy like that. Anyway, I haven't stopped seeing these Vera Wang Lavender clogs since, and I think they are so fantastic. Also, I like how she used the leather, but then again by doing so it takes away from the clog feeling. That could be a good thing for you though?

Mui Mui
Mui Mui on the wall. You are the cleverest of them all. These are fantastic, and if only I could get me hands on these, I would be ready for spring and summer!

These Chanel clogs remind me on horses. What do you think? I like them, but not as much as the Mui's.

Things have been crazy. I am very sorry for my long absence.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My experience with Fashion Week...

Like the uncountable number of other bloggers that weren't invited to Fashion Week this year, even though they really really wish they were, I stand in that crowd too. But I was not going to let that stop me from at least going to Bryant Park to snap some pictures for this blog, therefore, I hopped on over to 42nd street two Saturday's ago (in the midst of it all) to see what I could see. It was about half way into a show, (even though I was unaware of who was walking the runway), that didn't bother me because all I wanted was to snap some shots at the commotion and the outside tent (that's all I thought I could do.) Anyway, upon arrival I met a huge crowd of people all thinking the same thing as me, "why don't I go down to the tents just to see what it is like, no body else will be there...right?" Well, actually, I was wrong, and it made it a little harder to take photographs as I had hoped. But anyway, once I got some of the outside and of the crowd, I thought that I might as well head home. Until, I saw a little path off to the left of the tent, where not too many people were coming in and out of, so I decided to follow it to the side of the tents.
Here, I met silence. It seemed as though all the noise from people had died down in the matter of seconds. So I started to walk along the side of the tent, and there were two entrances that lead into the tent itself, but there were numerous people smoking outside each entrance, and I didn't really know what to do. So I waited and talked to myself saying, "oh please, just waltz on in and act professional," and then I would tell myself, "you know this is Fashion Week, you can't just do this and act like it's nothing." Oh dear! What to do, what to do? Well, I was still eager to see what was beyond the thin outer layer of the tent, as music boomed through the seams and people from the fashion industry strolled in and out. So finally, one entrance was clear, and once I approached it, a small sign read "Prabal Gurung." I had never heard of him before, and didn't exactly know what it meant until later I found out that he was a blossoming designer. Anyway, I walk through the doors of the tent and meet a desk with two ladies there checking people in, and then two long strips of heavy black cloth with a large opening in the middle, so that you could easily see beyond into back stage. Models with hair pinned ever so perfectly above their head were being talked to and had cameras snapping in their faces as lights flickered along side the camera men. There was a little mini-fridge with Starbucks frapuccino's in them and about 2o people walking and talking casually, while men and women ran about frantically making sure that everything was going as planned.
I am not exactly sure what location I was in, in relation to the runway, but all I know is that it was a sight to see. But hold up, no I wasn't past the black cloth, but since there was such a large space between the panals, that is how I could see through. The ladies at the black desk looked at me every so often, probably thinking "What is she doing here? And why is she staring so intently at everything?" But I was happy that they didn't ask me any questions or make me leave. I must have stood there for about fifteen minutes just staring at the scene, but was never able to build up my courage to ask if I could get a little further. So I excited and took a deep breath. Then a man with a headset was about to enter as I was still standing outside the door, and I asked him if I could take pictures for my blog thinking that he would respond with a chuckle and move on, but instead he said very politely, "only if you have a letter from the designer or an invitation to the show," but sadly I had neither, so I thanked him and couldn't do much else but leave.
When I left the tent and entered the fresh air, about three models were smoking with men that you could just tell were all about fashion. To my right, a man with robot like glasses was modeling for a camera man, and to my left models were marching my way as they were headed toward the tents.
It was quite a scene, if only I had stayed long enough to see the attendees exiting, that would have been something to write about. But anyhow, it was an adventure, and though I was nervous as ever and burning up under my coat, I felt as though that was where I belonged.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank you Lf

A few weeks ago I received an email from Lf, saying I was invited to the private sale starting up that friday! I was absolutely ecstatic! Even though I knew it would be madness, I still couldn't say no. Therefore, I grabbed my pink berry (of course) that friday after school and hopped on over to LF on 19th and 5th avenue. The store was absolutely pandemonium! I don't know if I have ever seen so many people crammed into one store, such long lines in such a small store, and such HUGE heaps of clothing being anxiously scavenged through by frantic women. But oh well, I quickly joined in myself.
"You have got to pick that up," "Oh my gosh, I have always wanted one of these!" and "yesss, beautiful and on sale" - all these thoughts rang through my head as I stomped around the store. The only problems were: 1. since there were so many people, you couldn't put your stuff down and then go pick something up and then come back, trust me it would all be gone, knocked on the floor, or being picked through by someone. 2. There is no where to put a heavy school bag down and a long winter jacket, therefore, I was sweating like a mad man. 3. its hopeless trying to make your way to the fitting room because whenever you think you have found all you want to try on, oh no you didn't, there will always be something that catches your eye, or a (really nice) sales person that brings stuff up to you saying, "I've been looking at what you have been picking out, and totally thought you would like this..." 4. The lines are horrendous. Especially since it was the private sale and what seemed like all the women in Manhattan are in the store, are all lined up to try things on. At least a half an hour wait for the fitting room, and then another half an hour for check out. Or, you can just try things on right in the middle of the store, but I find that kind of strange. Oh well, suit yourself.
But don't get me wrong, the only sale of the season is fantastic, and you always know you can find something. My only advice is get there right as it opens, beat the crowd and the madness, and it will be a much more pleasant event.
I think I must have tried on maybe twenty some things, and I looked ridiculous with my coat and bag strapped across me with a huge mound of "stuff" plopped in my hands. I thought my arms would break off, it was all so heavy. I ended up leaving the store with only three items, but that is only because I plan to go back with my sister because it is always more fun shopping with someone else rather than by yourself. Right?

Item #1: Fur Vest

Item #2: Lacy Cardigan

Item #3: Tulle Skirt

Oh, and at the very end of the sale is when everything gets marked down really low. No I do not know when the end of the sale is, but it will probably be in a while because they get new stuff almost everyday for some time, and they just keep on marking it down.
Sadly Lf is only located in NYC, Cambridge, Miami Beach and Los Angeles, so I do apologize if you have read this post with some hope inside, and then kaput realize that it is not close to you. I do apologize for that.


p.s. I have been away this weekend on Ski Trip with School up in Vermont so that is why this post is coming so late.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

RIP McQueen

Though this post is coming about four days late and I am probably the last blogger in the US who has blogged about this, this post is completely dedicated to Lee Alexander McQueen who passed away last thursday morning in his London home. I am taking a fashion design class at Parsons: The New School, and our homework the other night was to research a designer and look at what their design mission is and to see if they portray that in their collections. In light of Alexander McQueen's death, and considering I did not know too much about him, I decided to research him...

photocred: Rathaus

Lee Alexander McQueen


Lee Alexander McQueen was born in London and came from a very modest background. His Father was a taxi driver, and his mother was a social science teacher. His father wanted him to be an electrician or a plumber, but Lee always knew he wanted to work in the fashion industry. At age 16, McQueen decided to devote his life to fashion. He dropped out of school and became a trainee at Savile Row Tailors. This experience gave him the opportunity to work on his technical skills and tailoring which is what he is greatly known for. McQueen had an interest in futuristic tones, which he incorporated in his designs as well as soft draping and molding. He found great inspiration in technology and: “just months ago he was fantasizing to the NYTimes about holograms that would allow anyone anywhere to see his collections in three dimension.”

He liked to alter the shape of the body using corsets and reoccurring breastplate shapes. “He was famous for razor-sharp tailoring,” and in most, if not all of his collections he incorporated a dark side or gothic look but also very detailed and colorful pieces. When he worked on a line, he always followed one theme, usually something very extravagant though, such as portraying numerous elements of nature. In fall of 2009 he reacted the recession by exaggerating versions of all his past work on the runway, accented with props that looked like garbage piles from previous sets. Here, he wanted to portray fashion in ruins. In October of 1993, models walked the runway with their middle fingers pointing outwards and their dresses were hand-printed in the design of blood. In March of 1995, models walked the runway looking as though they had been beaten, wearing lacy dresses with hems and bodices riped open, and their hair in tangles and their eyes blanked out with contacts. Finally, his last show in October 2009, models wore platform heels that looked like aliens, sea-creatures and the hulls of ships. McQueen was always very creative and intelligent and “he felt that the buttons of fashion had to be pushed,” and throughout his work, we can easily see that he strived to do so.

You will be missed McQueen.


Monday, February 8, 2010


I know, I know. It is not summer time (as we are expecting 12-18 inches of snow on tuesday night (crossing fingers)) but a few weekends ago, I went down to the 23rd street flea market, where all these fabulous people bring out vintage and contemporary, one of a kind pieces. The flea market is in a huge parking lot, and has two floors jammed with a very large variety of things. It was the first time I had ever been there, and instantly my eyes were caught by the attention of fur vest, sequined dresses, and intensely detailed wedding gowns. The thing I liked about it was that each little booth was different, and it seemed like every seller really knew one another....but anyway, I came across a stall that had one long rack of an assortment of clothing, and several baskets for mens wear. It was probably the fifteenth stall I had popped in to, and along the rack I saw a cozy knee-length Vera Wang knit sweater, a stunning sequined dress, and this skirt...

This skirt was huge when I found it, so I got it taken in, but I guess this taught me not to always look at sizes when I am in a vintage shop or second hand store, because those are the kinds of things that you will never find again, so might as well pay to get it hemmed or taken in. BUT, I must say that the man who sold the skirt sold it to me for twenty dollars. Yes, twenty dollars. It has never been worn before, and it still had the tag, I couldn't help but purchase it! While the skirt does make me look older, that does not bug me because if this were last year, I would have turned my nose up to that skirt, but now, I am into the longer hemmed skirts more than minis.
This post is named Safari, because doesn't this outfit remind you of a collection Ralph Lauren would do for a safari? All you need is a little old material wrapped around your head, and some heals, and you are set. Although this outfit would be rather impractical for a safari, because the skirt is rather difficult to walk in. Oh well. Maybe Ralph and I could get together and design a Safari line (in my dreams).


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fitted with a Flare

Sometimes, when people ask me what my favorite store is I get very frustrated, because I simply don't know what to say. Yes, I know what you are thinking, "this girl is strange," but let me explain myself. When someone asks me a question and I don't know the exact answer, I get annoyed, or when people talk about things that I don't understand - the same thing applies. So while I say, I get frustrated, it is more like a frustration on this inside rather than the outside. And when I say frustrated on the inside, I don't mean anger, or have a physical pain in my chest, I simply mean that if I don't know the exact answer, I would prefer to come back to it when I know what I need to say. Anyway, that is getting a bit off topic...

During Christmas time, my sister and I were shopping for Christmas presents one snowy evening when we decided to go into Bloomingdales. As we looked through the numerous sale racks and the variety of brands that were being circled by frantic wives and their seemingly depressed husbands, I finally feasted my eyes upon All Saints. I don't know about you, but I had never heard of the brand, and I became simply thrilled when I set foot in their little "corner store." But to my utter disappointment, my sister reminded me that we were not shopping for ourselves and we had to move on, but this was after we spent some time admiring their down-to-earth-grungy-style-with-a-twist-of-chic pieces (as I like to describe their brand.)

One of the things I like about All Saints is that it is not just suitable for people you are into Rugby and Free People (as it might look like it is), but their pieces include some classic, go with everything, business-like items. Also, this brand is rather recession savvy as it's prices aren't soaring to the sky like little space ships with peculiar mice on it that say "WEVE WON THE WORLD CUP!" (sorry that's a bit dramatic and random).

Tokyo Ditzy Dress

Sheena Dress
Was $145
Now $43.50

Montana Amikiri Dress
Was $175
Now $52.50

7 Curses Dress
Was $225
Now $67.50

The Parachute Short Dress


These are just some of the pieces that I found blog-worthy and will definitely be going in my "inspiration folder." While the first three have the same cut, I have found that I like that "fitted + flare" look. I am in love with the fourth dress, because just look at that pattern! And plus, I love how they called it "The Seven Curses," because it most certainly fits, as it has that stormy, mysterious, and wild feeling about it. This dress could be paired with a studded belt for school, or heels for a wedding/a dinner out. I'm liking it. And finally the last one just reminded me of my childhood, when my mother and siblings would play with this HUGE parachute in the park, and would wrap ourselves in the never ending game of getting across the parachute while other people swished it every which way. This dress makes me feel like dancing and if paired with soft necklaces, bangles and some fun yet simple heels, you would be set for an amazing night, never to be forgotten.

Hope this post spurred some inspiration for you!


p.s. LF's only sale of the season starting up this friday! Get ready ladies.