Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank you Lf

A few weeks ago I received an email from Lf, saying I was invited to the private sale starting up that friday! I was absolutely ecstatic! Even though I knew it would be madness, I still couldn't say no. Therefore, I grabbed my pink berry (of course) that friday after school and hopped on over to LF on 19th and 5th avenue. The store was absolutely pandemonium! I don't know if I have ever seen so many people crammed into one store, such long lines in such a small store, and such HUGE heaps of clothing being anxiously scavenged through by frantic women. But oh well, I quickly joined in myself.
"You have got to pick that up," "Oh my gosh, I have always wanted one of these!" and "yesss, beautiful and on sale" - all these thoughts rang through my head as I stomped around the store. The only problems were: 1. since there were so many people, you couldn't put your stuff down and then go pick something up and then come back, trust me it would all be gone, knocked on the floor, or being picked through by someone. 2. There is no where to put a heavy school bag down and a long winter jacket, therefore, I was sweating like a mad man. 3. its hopeless trying to make your way to the fitting room because whenever you think you have found all you want to try on, oh no you didn't, there will always be something that catches your eye, or a (really nice) sales person that brings stuff up to you saying, "I've been looking at what you have been picking out, and totally thought you would like this..." 4. The lines are horrendous. Especially since it was the private sale and what seemed like all the women in Manhattan are in the store, are all lined up to try things on. At least a half an hour wait for the fitting room, and then another half an hour for check out. Or, you can just try things on right in the middle of the store, but I find that kind of strange. Oh well, suit yourself.
But don't get me wrong, the only sale of the season is fantastic, and you always know you can find something. My only advice is get there right as it opens, beat the crowd and the madness, and it will be a much more pleasant event.
I think I must have tried on maybe twenty some things, and I looked ridiculous with my coat and bag strapped across me with a huge mound of "stuff" plopped in my hands. I thought my arms would break off, it was all so heavy. I ended up leaving the store with only three items, but that is only because I plan to go back with my sister because it is always more fun shopping with someone else rather than by yourself. Right?

Item #1: Fur Vest

Item #2: Lacy Cardigan

Item #3: Tulle Skirt

Oh, and at the very end of the sale is when everything gets marked down really low. No I do not know when the end of the sale is, but it will probably be in a while because they get new stuff almost everyday for some time, and they just keep on marking it down.
Sadly Lf is only located in NYC, Cambridge, Miami Beach and Los Angeles, so I do apologize if you have read this post with some hope inside, and then kaput realize that it is not close to you. I do apologize for that.


p.s. I have been away this weekend on Ski Trip with School up in Vermont so that is why this post is coming so late.


  1. I went to that sale at Lf last week and I got a tank top which is a little lower that I expected it to be, but anyway I like that lacy sweater you found!

  2. You always pick out the nicest things, I love all three :)