Friday, December 25, 2009

Just a little post


Hope you (if you celebrate Christmas) have a wonderful Christmas! If it's white outside and the snow is sticking, I'm extremely jealous of you because I'm in Texas this year where it is like 50 degrees - I'm not saying that I don't like Houston but I'm saying its just a little hot for Christmas, for me, at least, yah.

Anyway, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Here's a hilarious youtube video in Friends where Phoebe is singing (oh dear!):


Thursday, December 24, 2009

People are talking about...


I have to admit that I now have now idea how to say the brand name because I have heard people pronounce it in two ways: (1) Ro-dart-AY or (2) Ro-DARTE. Honestly tell me, cause I don't want to say it wrong and look like a fool. Anyway, yes yes, Rodarte for Target is absolutely everywhere (and finally I have found a website online to purchase the items!) any style websites, major magazines, and even blogs! Therefore I join them with this post and hopefully some to come.

This dress is definitely on my wish list - it has adorable bows on the back and ugh...I have nothing else to say

Lace bow dress in yellow leopard, $44.99; lace tights in black, $12.99.
Sequin rib cage dress in black, $49.99; striped tee in white/navy, $16.99; lace tights in black, $12.99.

Lace cardigan in mustard, $29.99; lace cami in black, $19.99; lace and tulle skirt in mustard, $29.99; bow belt in black, $12.99; lace tights in black, $12.99.

Today I went into Target to check it out and nearly died! EVERYTHING WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! Whether it was a delicate tulle skirt or "perfect for layering" black dress with a very girly (and cute) bow at the neck, or even just a simple denim jacket, I loved it all. With exception though - one piece in the collection included a sequined black dress with a rib cage printed across, which I found to be a little too much (at least for me) but online they show it with a striped shirt under to round it off which I like.* I swear I would have pulled out my wallet and run to the changing room to drool over the pieces (not really) and then go home, roll them all out on my bed and just stare at them! But, I was with my brother and sister who strictly told me that Christmas is a time of giving, so after christmas - you will see me at Target. ;)

This dress is also very attractive and girly - it comes in cream too.
Slip dress in black, $39.99; bow belt in yellow leopard, $12.99; lace tights in black, $12.99.

They really played with tulle - and I LOVE it!
This outfit is definitely on my wish list!
"Denim jacket, $39.99; tulle bow top in navy, $24.99; lace and tulle skirt in navy, $29.99; lace tights in black, $12.99.

Honestly I greatly appreciate this project taken on my Rodarte because for those who have a dream to be part of the fashion world and own designer - this gives them a chance to have some pieces from Rodarte, an "it" brand for prices that make you SMILE. Did I mention all the pieces are under $50. Yes yes. No joke.So grab a cab or subway or car or WHATEVER, and get yourself over to Target. I can assure you it wont disappoint.

photos and price description taken from Style Caster:

Thanks Style Caster


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Teen Vogue Event Pictures

This bag is EVERYWHERE!
I love it!

Bag from Dubai (borrowed from Laura)


Now do you get what I mean about me belonging in the Bahamas in that dress!
I love it too much, and just had to wear it, even if I was freezing.

Happy Holidays


Teen Vogue Event

Hey there... sorry I haven't written in a while (I love how I am like "talking" to people, thinking they are there, but really, they are i just crack myself up!) but I have had exams and they just finished last week, and now I am on winter break. Gosh, I am so exhausted, and finally ready for snow, I was worried it wouldn't come.

My sister received an invitation from Teen Vogue three weeks ago announcing the Teen Vogue event which would be held at the Louis Vuitton store on 5th avenue. Two years ago, my sister, mom, and I attended the event and had a blast so without hesitation we RSVP'd. (They didn't have one last year - fyi - or else we would most definitely have gone). I wish I had a picture of the invitation, it was beautiful and I wouldn't be surprised if my sister still had it somewh

The event was supa-fun, and really I felt like a VIP going there (even though I am nothing of that sort.) We met Eva Chen (Beauty director of Teen Vouge), KeSha (Tik Tok), and saw Shailene Woodley +Daren Kagasoff (Secret Life of the American Teenager.) I waited forever to meet Amy Astley and finally couldn't take it anymore, and rushed up the stairs after her to awkwardly tap her on the shoulder and tell her how much I loved Teen Vogue. Unbelievably unbarrasing, especially as my sister was laughing her head off at the bottom of the stairs. I felt rather strange in my short, blue Moroccan dress (borrowed from my mother) because I was like the only one in color! Everyone (and when I say everyone, I mean everyone) was in black Chanel booties, little black dresses and tiny black clutches. I felt like I should have been in the Bahamas. OH - also there was Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), who looked cute in oversized pants, a slim blazer and her perfectly curled hair... Sometimes, I wish my hair was long and slightly curled, whenever I see people on the street with that type of head, I am like "I want her hair!"

Anyway, back to the point, the event was a success, so here are a few pictures of the event ...

My sister and I nearly melted over some of the pieces

A view of the first floor from above

They had this cool ting where you could wait on (a short) line and have a few pictures taken by a real photographer, I got really in to it - kind of

You don't have to mention me and my fabulous modeling skills

Wearing my mothers (old old) Moroccan dress and a wrap belt from Hong Kong

Look at the next post for more pictures...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


While the winter has been rather dull, with people wearing the usual black boots and simple blazers, everyone in the city always looks like a huddle of much, where people just swarm from work to home, and then home to work, in that boring array of colors because they "had nothing else to wear."

But fall, on the other hand, fall has always been that perfect season (at least my favorite) because while people still have the liberty of wearing what ever color suits them the best comphortably. Summer (though I was born in August and love it very much) can be fun to experiment with fun, light patterns and short summer dresses, but then again everyone (where ever you are) always wakes up wishing it were winter, because it is just too hot to bare sometimes.

Therefore, the spring and fall lay in between, but fall - still rests as my answer under the category of "favorite season." Anyway, more to the point, this past fall, I went to the MOMA with my parents where I saw "exquisite" paintings done by some supposedly, amazingly famose french painter that I am hearing about for the first time, but really has created hundreds of pieces, but me (as it always seems) the last one to hear him/here. Once again, back to the point, I was not prepared to put on some wedges and a "flowy" dress that evening, so instead I wore a simple-very-fall-like-easy-every-day-outfit to the museum, where I was quite comfortable and felt good. (Sometimes I put on things simply for somphort, but I just don't feel right - like something is you know what I am talking about?)

Vena Cava for Gap jacket, Urban Outfitters leggings borrowed from my sister, Dooney and Burke Bag, Corso Como Boots

White Blouse from Hong Kong
(I went to Hong Kong two summers ago, and that was a shopping experience of a life-time)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vena Cava...

Hello there (if there is anyone there)...

Well... a quick post, since I haven't posted in quite some time, and I have studying to do...HELP.

Anyway, this past summer, Vena Cava did a collection for Gap, and I think I nearly fell in love with it. When I went to Gap to get my own share of the collection, I picked up a few goodies and couldn't stop wearing them. All the pieces (though there are few) are all very wearable and can go with many things including a vintage blouse from the Dominican Republic.

Latley, I have told myself, I have to play with more and experiment with textures and patters. In this outfit, I mix four different patterns (pants, blouse, bracelet, and hair-tie (not seen)). I have realized that I find more interest in designers that take risks (e.g. Rodarte) who experiment with patterns and different materials - something that is very important in an outfit, and something I think about much more now...

My sisters black Upper West Side cape, Vena Cava pants, Aunts vintage blouse, and black flats

J-crew Bracelet
It's kind of funny when I wear these pants because they make me look like I have a Grannies butt because they sit very high above my hips - oh well, I still like them
(don't know why this is underlined)

And zee shoes, from Urban Outfitters by Deena and Ozzey
I feel like they look kind of mean, like bugs (?)

Notice the zippers on the side of the pants - the perfect detail to this rather awkward yet cool pair of pants, all I need is a fur vest, and vintage glasses.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

To the Opera

Last Weekend, my dad and I went to the Opera. I always love going to the opera: walking up the opera house (and throwing a coin into the fountain,) the beautiful chandeliers going up before the performance, and the ah-mazing lemon tarts I always get at intermission, but I must say, the singing can sometimes drive me insane! Anywho, with that aside, I take the opera as a chance to get dressed up in cute little dress and fabulous high-heels...There aren't many fancy occasions in my life where I can get dressed up, so when an Opera comes around, I'll take it!.

While the performers on stage wear the most detailed and dramatic outfits, it is always funny/interesting to see what the audience has on. Some in stunning gowns with diamonds and stilettos, some in slacks and a white shirt, and others in jeans and a tee-shirt. The opera, by far, is the place to go if you want to see the widest range of attires.

So here is what I came to the Opera in, no not a ball gown but my Aunts vintage (if you will) green velvet dress, that she wore at her first boy-girl dance and made herself. It was longer before but I hemmed it, which I regret now because recently I have found a great interest in longer dresses and skirts, not to say that my wardrobe is full of them though.

Zara Basic jacket, Aunts green velvet dress, Coach bag

And an extra long blue pearl knecklace

Jeffery Cambell for LF shoes
(Sorry I don't have such a great picture)

Have a great weekend


Monday, November 30, 2009

Coat Shopping at Searle

Hello everyone. So now that the wind has started to kick in and NYC is getting colder by the day, I decided I needed a new winter coat, so my dad and I hopped across town to Searle.
They always have amazing things in that store, whether it's funky dresses, or dramatic necklaces, or even, perfect winter coats, Searle is simply great. Last year when I got my winter coats, I was so stupid to get like fall coats, so through out the winter, I was freezing my butt off, and finally, I got a proper winter coat, but I said no more... I want to be warm this year around...

Knowing that fur is in this season, I was rather eager to try on the fluffy down coats with wonderful fur hoods, or a bubble jacket (so I like to call them) with a fur collar. But in the end, knowing that I always feel funky in fur, I decided to go with the long, simple, non-fur coat.

Also it was such a nice day out, so I walked through the park and got some pictures.

One Jacket with fur hood

The Final Decision...

Hope you had a nice long Thanksgiving weekend


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Craft Fair and Ruffles

A long time ago (september 09') , my sister and I went to the craft fair, where they always have little stands and sell things ranging from fresh bread to recycled and re-made dolls to leather cuffs to rather cute jewelry (not made out of fake beads). It's always fun to go on Saturday and see the same people selling there fun stuff...sometimes you'll come across very unexpected treasures, the kind of things you will have forever, but anyway, street-faires, and craft-fairs are always fun in NYC.

Therefore, my sister and I grabbed our cameras, put on our ruffle dresses and studded ankle boots and skipped over to the fair.

Me modeling a hat (rather lame)

The leather cuffs and bracelets!

Wearing a Crew-Cuts dress, Lesters long-sleeve, J-Crew socks, Superga's, juicy watch, and a back-pack from Dubai

My sister wearing a millau dress (from LF,) UO moto jacket, and Pour La Victoire booties.

Sorry, the pictures are small (click on them to enlarge,) will change that next time!


Friday, November 27, 2009

The Beginning

Hello there. Where do I begin, well, before you press that little red X in the upper left hand corner of this page I have one thing to say: I've been thinking about having a blog for quite some time now, and have finally built up energy for it. I only hope that it will work out and that maybe, someday I will have a few followers, so therefore, when this actually gets rolling, I hope you will remember me and search "the pearled penguin" on Google to find me. That would be cool.

Anyway, thats it. This is my first post, and soon, I plan to have a number of posts with an insightful and interesting look on the fashion world and all its wonders.

For you, (whoever you are,) I write this blog, and hope that you (like I do for many other websites) might read it from time to time.

Wish me luck,

p.s. happy thanksgiving