Thursday, December 24, 2009

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I have to admit that I now have now idea how to say the brand name because I have heard people pronounce it in two ways: (1) Ro-dart-AY or (2) Ro-DARTE. Honestly tell me, cause I don't want to say it wrong and look like a fool. Anyway, yes yes, Rodarte for Target is absolutely everywhere (and finally I have found a website online to purchase the items!) any style websites, major magazines, and even blogs! Therefore I join them with this post and hopefully some to come.

This dress is definitely on my wish list - it has adorable bows on the back and ugh...I have nothing else to say

Lace bow dress in yellow leopard, $44.99; lace tights in black, $12.99.
Sequin rib cage dress in black, $49.99; striped tee in white/navy, $16.99; lace tights in black, $12.99.

Lace cardigan in mustard, $29.99; lace cami in black, $19.99; lace and tulle skirt in mustard, $29.99; bow belt in black, $12.99; lace tights in black, $12.99.

Today I went into Target to check it out and nearly died! EVERYTHING WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! Whether it was a delicate tulle skirt or "perfect for layering" black dress with a very girly (and cute) bow at the neck, or even just a simple denim jacket, I loved it all. With exception though - one piece in the collection included a sequined black dress with a rib cage printed across, which I found to be a little too much (at least for me) but online they show it with a striped shirt under to round it off which I like.* I swear I would have pulled out my wallet and run to the changing room to drool over the pieces (not really) and then go home, roll them all out on my bed and just stare at them! But, I was with my brother and sister who strictly told me that Christmas is a time of giving, so after christmas - you will see me at Target. ;)

This dress is also very attractive and girly - it comes in cream too.
Slip dress in black, $39.99; bow belt in yellow leopard, $12.99; lace tights in black, $12.99.

They really played with tulle - and I LOVE it!
This outfit is definitely on my wish list!
"Denim jacket, $39.99; tulle bow top in navy, $24.99; lace and tulle skirt in navy, $29.99; lace tights in black, $12.99.

Honestly I greatly appreciate this project taken on my Rodarte because for those who have a dream to be part of the fashion world and own designer - this gives them a chance to have some pieces from Rodarte, an "it" brand for prices that make you SMILE. Did I mention all the pieces are under $50. Yes yes. No joke.So grab a cab or subway or car or WHATEVER, and get yourself over to Target. I can assure you it wont disappoint.

photos and price description taken from Style Caster:

Thanks Style Caster


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