Thursday, December 3, 2009

To the Opera

Last Weekend, my dad and I went to the Opera. I always love going to the opera: walking up the opera house (and throwing a coin into the fountain,) the beautiful chandeliers going up before the performance, and the ah-mazing lemon tarts I always get at intermission, but I must say, the singing can sometimes drive me insane! Anywho, with that aside, I take the opera as a chance to get dressed up in cute little dress and fabulous high-heels...There aren't many fancy occasions in my life where I can get dressed up, so when an Opera comes around, I'll take it!.

While the performers on stage wear the most detailed and dramatic outfits, it is always funny/interesting to see what the audience has on. Some in stunning gowns with diamonds and stilettos, some in slacks and a white shirt, and others in jeans and a tee-shirt. The opera, by far, is the place to go if you want to see the widest range of attires.

So here is what I came to the Opera in, no not a ball gown but my Aunts vintage (if you will) green velvet dress, that she wore at her first boy-girl dance and made herself. It was longer before but I hemmed it, which I regret now because recently I have found a great interest in longer dresses and skirts, not to say that my wardrobe is full of them though.

Zara Basic jacket, Aunts green velvet dress, Coach bag

And an extra long blue pearl knecklace

Jeffery Cambell for LF shoes
(Sorry I don't have such a great picture)

Have a great weekend


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