Monday, November 30, 2009

Coat Shopping at Searle

Hello everyone. So now that the wind has started to kick in and NYC is getting colder by the day, I decided I needed a new winter coat, so my dad and I hopped across town to Searle.
They always have amazing things in that store, whether it's funky dresses, or dramatic necklaces, or even, perfect winter coats, Searle is simply great. Last year when I got my winter coats, I was so stupid to get like fall coats, so through out the winter, I was freezing my butt off, and finally, I got a proper winter coat, but I said no more... I want to be warm this year around...

Knowing that fur is in this season, I was rather eager to try on the fluffy down coats with wonderful fur hoods, or a bubble jacket (so I like to call them) with a fur collar. But in the end, knowing that I always feel funky in fur, I decided to go with the long, simple, non-fur coat.

Also it was such a nice day out, so I walked through the park and got some pictures.

One Jacket with fur hood

The Final Decision...

Hope you had a nice long Thanksgiving weekend


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Craft Fair and Ruffles

A long time ago (september 09') , my sister and I went to the craft fair, where they always have little stands and sell things ranging from fresh bread to recycled and re-made dolls to leather cuffs to rather cute jewelry (not made out of fake beads). It's always fun to go on Saturday and see the same people selling there fun stuff...sometimes you'll come across very unexpected treasures, the kind of things you will have forever, but anyway, street-faires, and craft-fairs are always fun in NYC.

Therefore, my sister and I grabbed our cameras, put on our ruffle dresses and studded ankle boots and skipped over to the fair.

Me modeling a hat (rather lame)

The leather cuffs and bracelets!

Wearing a Crew-Cuts dress, Lesters long-sleeve, J-Crew socks, Superga's, juicy watch, and a back-pack from Dubai

My sister wearing a millau dress (from LF,) UO moto jacket, and Pour La Victoire booties.

Sorry, the pictures are small (click on them to enlarge,) will change that next time!


Friday, November 27, 2009

The Beginning

Hello there. Where do I begin, well, before you press that little red X in the upper left hand corner of this page I have one thing to say: I've been thinking about having a blog for quite some time now, and have finally built up energy for it. I only hope that it will work out and that maybe, someday I will have a few followers, so therefore, when this actually gets rolling, I hope you will remember me and search "the pearled penguin" on Google to find me. That would be cool.

Anyway, thats it. This is my first post, and soon, I plan to have a number of posts with an insightful and interesting look on the fashion world and all its wonders.

For you, (whoever you are,) I write this blog, and hope that you (like I do for many other websites) might read it from time to time.

Wish me luck,

p.s. happy thanksgiving