Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vena Cava...

Hello there (if there is anyone there)...

Well... a quick post, since I haven't posted in quite some time, and I have studying to do...HELP.

Anyway, this past summer, Vena Cava did a collection for Gap, and I think I nearly fell in love with it. When I went to Gap to get my own share of the collection, I picked up a few goodies and couldn't stop wearing them. All the pieces (though there are few) are all very wearable and can go with many things including a vintage blouse from the Dominican Republic.

Latley, I have told myself, I have to play with more and experiment with textures and patters. In this outfit, I mix four different patterns (pants, blouse, bracelet, and hair-tie (not seen)). I have realized that I find more interest in designers that take risks (e.g. Rodarte) who experiment with patterns and different materials - something that is very important in an outfit, and something I think about much more now...

My sisters black Upper West Side cape, Vena Cava pants, Aunts vintage blouse, and black flats

J-crew Bracelet
It's kind of funny when I wear these pants because they make me look like I have a Grannies butt because they sit very high above my hips - oh well, I still like them
(don't know why this is underlined)

And zee shoes, from Urban Outfitters by Deena and Ozzey
I feel like they look kind of mean, like bugs (?)

Notice the zippers on the side of the pants - the perfect detail to this rather awkward yet cool pair of pants, all I need is a fur vest, and vintage glasses.


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