Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fitted with a Flare

Sometimes, when people ask me what my favorite store is I get very frustrated, because I simply don't know what to say. Yes, I know what you are thinking, "this girl is strange," but let me explain myself. When someone asks me a question and I don't know the exact answer, I get annoyed, or when people talk about things that I don't understand - the same thing applies. So while I say, I get frustrated, it is more like a frustration on this inside rather than the outside. And when I say frustrated on the inside, I don't mean anger, or have a physical pain in my chest, I simply mean that if I don't know the exact answer, I would prefer to come back to it when I know what I need to say. Anyway, that is getting a bit off topic...

During Christmas time, my sister and I were shopping for Christmas presents one snowy evening when we decided to go into Bloomingdales. As we looked through the numerous sale racks and the variety of brands that were being circled by frantic wives and their seemingly depressed husbands, I finally feasted my eyes upon All Saints. I don't know about you, but I had never heard of the brand, and I became simply thrilled when I set foot in their little "corner store." But to my utter disappointment, my sister reminded me that we were not shopping for ourselves and we had to move on, but this was after we spent some time admiring their down-to-earth-grungy-style-with-a-twist-of-chic pieces (as I like to describe their brand.)

One of the things I like about All Saints is that it is not just suitable for people you are into Rugby and Free People (as it might look like it is), but their pieces include some classic, go with everything, business-like items. Also, this brand is rather recession savvy as it's prices aren't soaring to the sky like little space ships with peculiar mice on it that say "WEVE WON THE WORLD CUP!" (sorry that's a bit dramatic and random).

Tokyo Ditzy Dress

Sheena Dress
Was $145
Now $43.50

Montana Amikiri Dress
Was $175
Now $52.50

7 Curses Dress
Was $225
Now $67.50

The Parachute Short Dress


These are just some of the pieces that I found blog-worthy and will definitely be going in my "inspiration folder." While the first three have the same cut, I have found that I like that "fitted + flare" look. I am in love with the fourth dress, because just look at that pattern! And plus, I love how they called it "The Seven Curses," because it most certainly fits, as it has that stormy, mysterious, and wild feeling about it. This dress could be paired with a studded belt for school, or heels for a wedding/a dinner out. I'm liking it. And finally the last one just reminded me of my childhood, when my mother and siblings would play with this HUGE parachute in the park, and would wrap ourselves in the never ending game of getting across the parachute while other people swished it every which way. This dress makes me feel like dancing and if paired with soft necklaces, bangles and some fun yet simple heels, you would be set for an amazing night, never to be forgotten.

Hope this post spurred some inspiration for you!


p.s. LF's only sale of the season starting up this friday! Get ready ladies.


  1. I just love the parachute dress. The back of the dress is stunning. Great post.

  2. My favourite is the 'Sheena' dress- just loving the print and utility feel :) I wish i could steal some All Saints boots to go with it.

    I love your blog- it's always amusing and thourght provoking :)


  3. Hey SJ :)

    MBFW sent me an email with an invite to buy a ticket for Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Haiti Relief's fashion show. The price is either $150 or $100 and they went on sale not too long ago, but all the best seats are already taken by now since its the show that's open to the public. I actually haven't bought a ticket, and I don't know if I will because I don't have anyone to go with haha :/

    But here's the link:

    If you wanna go, let me know and maybe we can go together :)


  4. This was funny and well written. (I also have an inspiration folder, except I call it "blog items.") Anyway, I like your blog and I'm going to follow. :)