Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Formal

Hello all,

First, I would like to apologize for the long absence in posts, but in my defense, I am still getting used to this, and so far I have is not easy.
On my locker last week (scratch that - on everyone's locker's) there was a bright yellow invitation with a bold red "X" across the front (representing 2010) that announced the approaching Winter Formal. Obviously, word have spread round' long before everyone received their invitation, but while the guys barely spoke a word of the upcoming dance, the ladies of the high school frantically discussed what they would be wearing and where they should shop for their designated theme. Oh the theme - I almost forgot. The theme was the decades. Freshman (including myself) were assigned to the 1960's. Sophomores were 1990's, the Junior's were the 1980's and the Seniors were anything they wanted to be. (Some seniors joked that they would come in togas to represent 10BC!) Anyway, options for the 1960's consisted of women's wear during the Vietnam war, housewife's and flower-power prints representing hippies (just some things my Aunt and I thought of.)
At the dance, I would say that most girls opted for fun, flowery, bright dresses from Free People or Urban to stay within the free-spirited hippie theme. But I was intrigued by a modernized house-wife idea. Therefore, I hopped on over to "Michael's: the consignment shop for women" to get some ideas. Usually, I can tell whenever I go into a consignment store, whether I am going to purchase anything there, and most of the time, the appearance of consignment shops can really turn me away, but not Michael's. They have such an amazing collection of Chanel, to Bottega Veneta, to Hermes, everything else (sigh). Therefore, I grabbed a bunch of pieces, some of which included a crop top from Prada (with adorable polka dots), a sequined vest from Vera Wang and a Michael Kors suit, all of which I tried on in a very revealing dressing room - the kind where doors just aren't necessary in the end. But my favorite piece, was a "rope-patterned" black and red, two piece Moschino dress. I was absolutely in love with it, and on the plus side it was on sale. I had to sleep on it, and ended up coming back the next day, to pick it up!

Sadly, I dont have any pictures of me wearing this dress with my grandmothers black gloves, but I wore this outfit with half my forearm length black gloves. My Aunt has a box of gloves in all sorts of fabric over at her house that belonged to my great grandmother and great-aunts. She also has my grand-mothers white silk wedding gloves that stretched all the way up to her shoulders! They are stunning.

Moschino dress

I hoped to make this dress look a little younger, by adding these Deena and Ozzy wedges, I got at Urban Outfitters. They are super comfortable and quite easy to dance in.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
p.s. sorry about the not so great photo-quality!



  1. I love the dress, and your school's dance sounds really fun. My high school had a dance a couple weeks ago but we didn't get to dress in a cool theme. Your outfit is so chic.

  2. The first picture is interesting, and I am liking that moschino dress! That label does some really nice pieces.

    Thanks for another lovely comment!