Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dressing your head

"Why bother to accessorize?" Someone once asked me, and I replied by simply staring at them until they got creeped out.

From Henri Bendel

From Lesters

But while accessorizing covers a wide range of fashion, this post will only focus on one area - headbands. I think my love for headbands began in the 6th grade, when I didn't know much about fashion but I no one had headbands and I saw them as something that could make me stand a good way. Anyway, my love for them has expanded as well as my collection. Some were my sisters when she was younger (and yes, they still fit us), some I have collected from far off places such as China and Florence. Some I have found in little boutiques around the city and others I have purchased at Bendel's. Gosh, that place is like heaven. Whenever I walk into Henri Bendel's, I rush to the back of the store (but now that the headband department is upstairs, I rush upstairs), and literally stay there for hours and try on nearly everyone, and at the same time get very annoyed by the sales clerks as they give you a million to try on, and then it is too awkward to say you don't like it, and that you are fine ON YOUR OWN! But anyway, I have officially decided that I will not be having a vail at my wedding, but instead a headband. Perhaps one that has some net coming down over my face because that is just so elegant.
Accessorizing makes an outfit complete. It creates the finishing touches and smoothes out the edges. Accessorizing can change an entire outfit! Once I saw this girl wearing a uniform (white shirt tucked into a blue mini pleated skirt) but she wore bright blue, funky socks and a headband with a big bow on the top of her head, and I just couldn't stop looking at her. After all, if she hadn't accessorized, I can promise you that I wouldn't have been staring.
I love reading magazines like Teen Vogue and seeing how they play and mix up an outfit with a headband. Some think that only little girls can pull off headbands, as they automatically picture a little girl with a huge flower on top of her head but I strongly disagree with this because women could wear head-bands if they just experimented a bit more, and took more risks (just for the women that aren't sure about headbands). On the other hand, many headbands can be wild, and I do have to admit that they take guts to be worn. But all in all, comps to the woman in the world who experiment with them.

From Urban Outfitters

Vintage D&G

From J-Crew

From Henri Bendel

Just for fun

As I said before, my collection is expanding and I am at loss of where to put them, so here they are stacking up in the corner of my windowsill. Although, I am ordering shelves for my wall soon, and I have an idea about how to put them on the shelves. I will post about about the shelves when they come.


p.s. the long black D.I.Y. skirt is coming along. Post coming soon on that too!


  1. I also love headbands. Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl is my inspiration! And I recently just got a stand for my headbands so I know what you mean about the storage thing. I love having them on display. Love your blog...very chic..I'm following :)

  2. Thanks! I was going to talk about Blair but then I didn't for some unknown reason. Blair is amazing and also one of my style icons as well.

  3. I loveee headbands! The title of your blog is great, I love that too:)

  4. i love your headband collection!!!!

    also, i LOVE penguins. i just did a post about it. so i kinda obsessed over your "the pearled penguin" :)

  5. They do look so great on you. :) I have one headband at the moment...maybe I need to wear it again...

  6. Wow..I love all of your headbands!

  7. Love your blog :) I gave you a blog award on my blog :)