Monday, January 25, 2010

Movies that left me speechless and Inspi(red)

I do enjoy movies, and (occasionally) going to the movie theatre can be rather thrilling, but to tell you the truth, I am not so big on TV. I hardly ever watch TV (except for the every now and then Gossip Girl and Law and Order) and it is planned in advance if I am going to watch a movie. Anyway, many moons ago my Aunt revved up my love for black and white films, and ever since I saw my first, she has been bringing them over to our house and we sit around eating popsicles and watching ancient romances. While my love for black and white films is still up and running, I have found a love in several other movies and if you were to ask me what my favorite movies were it would definitely be...

The Duchess

While this movie is utterly tragic (and slow), I believe it represents Kiera Knightley's poise and elegance. And my gosh, the fashion aspect is out of this world. If you havn't seen this one, be sure to put it at the top of your Netflix list, because it is a must see.

Funny Face

Photocred: J!

This was one of my favorite scenes from the film as she waltz's down the steps in the most beautiful, crisp red dress, one could ever wear. This movie was one of the first that my Aunt shared with me, and I would watch in anytime. Amusement, Romance, and Fashion, all in one (well, that's usually what I like seeing anyhow.)

The Devil Wears Prada
Photocred: The Movie Bing 2

Of course. This would be on my list. This one will probably be one of my favorites of all time for a very long time. Anne Hathaway is superb (for those that haven't seen it) and the story has both a lesson and fashion sense behind it - clever.

The Pirates of the Caribbean
Photocred: Cinematic Intelligence Agency

This movie will be in my heart for all of time. It will be past down from generation to generation and will be placed on the shelf of my great great great great grand children. That's the plan. If you haven't seen Pirates, part of you is missing. This one is definitely joining The Duchess on Netflix.

Wait, but why post about Pirates on a Fashion Blog? Well, whenever I watch the movie, I can't help but think why a designer wouldn't use it for the basis of a really amazing line. Obviously only a modified line will do, in order to be wearable, but wouldn't that be amazing? I mean just look at Kiera above. (Ideas should swarm your head right about now).

My Fair Lady
The music and the story is marvelous, and it is amazing to see Audrey transform throughout.

Next to be seen on my list: Breakfast At Tiffanies

My Aunt has yet to come over and together we will get some popsicles out and watch this classic. Although... I have heard many mixed reviews about it so if you have seen it, what did you think about it?

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  1. Hey...I love all those movies too...except I haven't seen the Duchess yet. I love Audrey Hepburn movies and Breakfast at Tiffanies is one of my favorites that she's been in. Her character is so funny and lovely in it, and its such a cute and fashionable love story.

  2. Thanks. Im glad you can relate to this post!

  3. darling we share the exact same favorite movies in common! my favorite two actresses ever are kiera knightly and audrey hepburn and i was going to do a post on them very soon! how funny! the dutchess left me sitting on the coach with tears flowing down my face. so sad but i loved the costumes. come check out my blog! maybe we can follow eachother?

  4. I think you mentioned most of my favouritemovies there! I adore Audrey Hepburn, and the cinematography of Funny Face is stunning! The Duchess is really good too, the period costumes are fantastic...
    Thanks for commenting.

  5. I can't believe you haven't seen Breakfast At Tiffany's yet! Its sooo goooood. I've seen it a million times, and Audrey Hepburn's character in that movie is just so great. It's a must-see definitely :P

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