Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Return of Tulle

Each year, there are many many trends I find uneasily wearable, or simply not of my taste, but recently I have found tulle popping up here and there, and must say that it has come to my liking. Tulle has been around forEVER, but mainly put under dresses and skirts to give it the extra poofy flair it needs to top off a look, but now, the undergarments have become the outer garments. What was meant to be hidden away and tucked under something ever so tidily has now re-positioned its place to the main piece of a look, and is not trying to hide anymore.

The (famous) opening scene to Sex and The City, as Sarah Jessica Parker flaunts her tulle

A Luella tulle skirt and lace shawl

Where tulle was once a simple pink and white has now become lavishly extravagant in color, which rather than creating a sweet girly look when paired with ballet flats, has now transformed to a punk-rock-edgier look as more girls (and women) pair it with heels or combat boots.

A "Net Twisted Bubble Skirt"
Found at Intermix
Photo Cred: Intermix

Alexander McQueen Embroidered Tulle Gown
This dress is stunning. Absolutely stunning.
Photo Cred: FabSugar


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