Friday, January 15, 2010

Harem Pants - Part I

Due to my very limited computer skills, I wish I could turn this blog into one very unique, creative and amazing (!) blog, but I am still I do apologize. I will have you know that I do know that the appearance of this rather bare blog looks...well...bare, and I will work on that. Maybe some day in the far off future, I will have customized this blog to an extraordinary extent and it will be fabulous. But before I get too ahead of myself, I must be brought back down to earth and remind myself of where I was supposed to start.

Harem pants have been a new addition to my wardrobe, and I love them. They are comfortable, easy, and can go with practically anything. Mostly people or at least I see more people in them in the summer time, as they are easily worn with tank-tops on a hot day, but I truly believe that if you wanted to - they can be appropriate for the winter time as well. Seasons matter, but if you have several pairs of pants (that you are in love with!) just sitting in your drawer, glaring at you each morning, saying "WEAR ME! (even though I should be worn in summer)" it can be a little intimidating. Therefore, I gave it a go. Worn with tights and flats, I very much like this outfit and found it fun to wear it to school even though I got many strange looks from people as I passed them in the hallway...

Harem pants from Anthropology, worn with white tights from Gap Kids, and Flats from Lesters.

J-crew tee-shirt, cardigan I got in Hong Kong two summers ago, leather bracelet from a street vendor in Soho, and pearl necklace from Santa this Christmas.

My friend said I looked like a genie in a bottle

My sister said "OK, jump."

A page on Harem pants in the Septmber issue of Vouge 2009...Where my love began

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