Monday, February 8, 2010


I know, I know. It is not summer time (as we are expecting 12-18 inches of snow on tuesday night (crossing fingers)) but a few weekends ago, I went down to the 23rd street flea market, where all these fabulous people bring out vintage and contemporary, one of a kind pieces. The flea market is in a huge parking lot, and has two floors jammed with a very large variety of things. It was the first time I had ever been there, and instantly my eyes were caught by the attention of fur vest, sequined dresses, and intensely detailed wedding gowns. The thing I liked about it was that each little booth was different, and it seemed like every seller really knew one another....but anyway, I came across a stall that had one long rack of an assortment of clothing, and several baskets for mens wear. It was probably the fifteenth stall I had popped in to, and along the rack I saw a cozy knee-length Vera Wang knit sweater, a stunning sequined dress, and this skirt...

This skirt was huge when I found it, so I got it taken in, but I guess this taught me not to always look at sizes when I am in a vintage shop or second hand store, because those are the kinds of things that you will never find again, so might as well pay to get it hemmed or taken in. BUT, I must say that the man who sold the skirt sold it to me for twenty dollars. Yes, twenty dollars. It has never been worn before, and it still had the tag, I couldn't help but purchase it! While the skirt does make me look older, that does not bug me because if this were last year, I would have turned my nose up to that skirt, but now, I am into the longer hemmed skirts more than minis.
This post is named Safari, because doesn't this outfit remind you of a collection Ralph Lauren would do for a safari? All you need is a little old material wrapped around your head, and some heals, and you are set. Although this outfit would be rather impractical for a safari, because the skirt is rather difficult to walk in. Oh well. Maybe Ralph and I could get together and design a Safari line (in my dreams).



  1. love the have a unique sense of style...i like it

  2. i love that shirt! =)

  3. Cool outfit!