Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lengthen Me

I am not quite sure which one is more glamourous: floor length skirts or floor length dresses. Well, when my cousin gave me one of her old floor length gowns she wore to sweet sixteens and other such festivities, I couldn't help but dream about the dress as a skirt instead. The dress was very simple: a strapless, black silk with a wide sash. Though the dress most likely looked gorgeous on my cousin, the dress was not nearly as flattering on me. Therefore, my Aunt and I (major comps to my Aunt for sewing and hemming, etc.) took on the project of transforming the dress into a skirt. Though it was not a very difficult job, considering my limited sewing skills and comprehension with cutting fabrics (I like to stick to pillows) it was a little difficult to see where to start. But anyway, that is not interesting...

Worn with a white tee under (just for fun)

Worn with a black tank-top and a Free People blouse

I think somewhere inside me, I have always been fond of floor-length skirts (not so much dresses) when I see ladies at fancier occasions when it is most suitable, such as operas or evening dinner parties. Though some might automatically think of long skirts being for women either trying to hide the flaws in their legs, or of women with the ultimate body that you can't help but say, "only she can pull that off," I think that teenagers, can look both sweet and mature at the same time, if worn right. Maybe I am wrong though. What do you think? Was this a mistake?

Goodness gracious, when you have a blog, time seems to fly so much faster and slip through your fingers before you can even get a chance to write another post. So sorry for my long absence.


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  1. Now that is a beautiful skirt. You do have a wonderful taste in clothes but sometimes you choose things that don't flatter you tiny body enough. This though really looks delightfully elegant. I hope you can wear it to an opera do some time soon.