Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bears in the Spring

Spring at last! Spring at last! Finally, the cold snowy days have been swept over by 70 degree whether and heavy coats have packed away, well at least for this past week. It was litterally the perfect temperature outside the other day (sunny but not too hot with a slight wind, good enough for shorts and jeans) so my mother and I met for a stroll through Central Park.

My sister and I found this green bow when out for a walk some time ago. We love them (even though they can clash with purple backpacks!)

White Un Deux Trois top, Era of Change boyfriend jeans, Theory jacket, Gap Kids Belt

Sadly, I did not have a very good day so that's why not so much enthusiasm is expressed in these photos. Thankfully, I was greatly awakened by the liveliness of the Park and all the people outside.


  1. The pictures are beautiful, and I'm sorry you didn't have a good day. I love central park. You are absolutely lucky that its like your backyard. Every time I go to NYC to visit I fall in love with the park. I think its surreal how there is so much green and entrapped inside of all those big skyscrapers. Its like a haven amidst all the chaos, but I love NYC because its so busy. I hope to go to college there. Loved this post.

  2. How can you feel sad after a trip to Central Park? I wish I lived closer it might give me more incentive to go there and sketch. But I hope you have a better day soon!