Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clogs Anyone?

I think clogs have been on everybody's "never will I ever wear this," list (well at least for those who have one.) But after many years of clogs being that shoe that everyone shuns because it is just for practicality, having no glamour and grace, but rather a chunky wooden heel that is not very attractive, it has finally been turned around by numerous designers including Jeffery Campbell, Chanel, Mui Mui, and Vera Wang. Where the once low, slip on wooden shoe (originated by the Dutch) was worn for festivals, or dancing, or merely for everyday wear, these designers have thrown a major heel on these babies and experimented with different patterns, fabrics, furs and even leather. I myself, used to find that clogs were not meant for the younger generation, but rather for older woman that needed something quick to put on to go to the store or for walking short distances, now I find that they have transformed into a younger look with more energy and culture and many other shoes out there. They have their own kind of personality. But then again, these designers have pushed it to the max and not only used studs, or ribbons or extra detailing to accent the shoes, but rather the heal looks rather painful as most of the modernized ones soar to the sky. Therefore, I am not to sure about where to wear them. Work? Too casual. Out to dinner? Maybe the Vera Wangs? Shopping? They might be fun for the first ten minutes. To the store or for a short walk? No, they have more glamour than that. Anyway, thats the one mystery to me.

Jeffery Campbell
These are definitely one of my favorites. They are not too over done, and are not ridiculously expensive. Plus, LF is sporting these for spring!

Vera Wang Lavender
I saw someone wearing these the other day, and fell in love with them. I was about to ask where she got them, but then decided not to cause I am shy like that. Anyway, I haven't stopped seeing these Vera Wang Lavender clogs since, and I think they are so fantastic. Also, I like how she used the leather, but then again by doing so it takes away from the clog feeling. That could be a good thing for you though?

Mui Mui
Mui Mui on the wall. You are the cleverest of them all. These are fantastic, and if only I could get me hands on these, I would be ready for spring and summer!

These Chanel clogs remind me on horses. What do you think? I like them, but not as much as the Mui's.

Things have been crazy. I am very sorry for my long absence.



  1. I'm surprised how much clogs have taken off since Chanel sported them in their Spring 2010 RTW show. I also thought they were very unfashionable, but now I see that they can be transformed into very chic looking shoes. I guess it takes a famous designer to change everyone's minds.

  2. The Vera Wang ones are alright but I still can't stand clogs haha.

  3. I love clogs and especially the Chanel ones!