Sunday, November 7, 2010

No prize winner

Hello. Hello. I really have missed this! Even though I did not post religiously a while ago, I am trying and start it up and get this going again.
I hope you all have been well and are reviewing Spring Fashion Week on, putting away all those summer dresses (unless you can pull them off in the winter), taking out furs (faux of course), and just settling in for a new season. I guess you can say I have. Although, I do try to pull of summer things in the winter. Also this year, I organized my wardrobe into sections, and then in each section it goes from summer-wear to winter-wear. It works well. As for furs, I only have 1 faux fur vest from lf (which I love!) and just got a new fall coat, so I am settling in for the season I guess.
Speaking of Spring Fashion Week, (even though I am too late to promote it,) Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes, held an art contest on September 28th on her blog ( "The idea is to pick your favorite runway look from the spring shows, and to render your own interpretation of it in a sketch," she stated. I liked how it wasn't so much a contest, but rather "a way to celebrate fashion designers and share readers artwork".

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
"The daisy-chain maxi dress" by Diane Von Furstenburg

My version

It didn't take me long to pick the look I wanted to portray. I chose Diane Von Furstenberg because I was looking for something vibrant, free and exciting. After looking at Jane's example of Meadham Kirchhoff's look from a London show, the words that rang to me were: eccentric and alive. Immediately, my search became more limited as conservative/modern or funky/vintage, were out of the picture.
Diane Von Furstenburg received a pleasing review for the clothes she put forth on the runway. Nicole Phelps for reports: "This season's nomad searcher is 'looking into antiquity for effortless beauty,' with Egypt and the desert on her horizon, along with a side visit to the Pre-Raphaelites. Saucy tiger-print safari suits and leopard-spot shirtdresses mingled with floral-appliqué chiffon and a daisy-chain maxi dress, while brightly colored macramé hippie frocks mixed with more urbane jersey numbers". All in all, wonderfully done Diane.

Another favorite of mine by D.V.F
Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Sadly, when I was frantically trying to send in my entry, I believe (due to all the madness: sizing, downloading, jpegs, pdfs...) it didn't go through. So, after a whiles work and numerous emailed attempts, my entry is still stuck in my sketch book. However, I decided to share it with you. I hope you like it, though I was rather put down when I saw everyone else's submissions on Flickr. People are just so talented.
Jane posted an album of all the entries on Flickr:

Glad to be back (I hope).


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  1. I love it!!! I also adore the print of that yellow dress. It kind of has a tribal feel to it. I'm glad you're blogging again. I too stopped for a long time, but am trying to start up again. I've changed the name of my blog like a million times... haha.